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This is Not a Perfect World

by Vladimir

Things like physical appearance, age, race, wealth, social status... SHOULD not matter when meeting someone - those are all "material" or outside things that do not define the true person "inside".

The spirit of the person (soul, character - the heart of the person) should be the thing that defines the person. But this world is not only spiritual. We are bound to our flesh and to our instincts, our education, our successes, our losses, family, ethic background - it all define us in this world.

Everything about us - from the color of our eyes to the cloths we wear - it all define us... It all maters to a certain degree. All these things are not of equal importance. The question is "what of these things are dominant to the person and to the beholder of the person."

Some people marry one another / become friends with people because for their partner's fashion sense, some for the wealth, some for the social status, some for their kind soul, some for the very complex mix of factors...

The ultimate goal is to be happy and be surrounded with people that make you happy. There are very few, if any, people that can live only on "soul food". And there is nothing evil about it - we are not perfect beings.

Maybe in 20,000 years or so we will evolve beyond physical realm, but today, to pretend that nothing "physical" does mater is just like living in a 2 dimensional world when there are hundreds and hundreds of dimensions around us. Like living in a black and white when there are billions of colors out there. And we should embrace them all.

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