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The Women

by nikita

Women as we all know , is the origin of mankind. If one cannot be true to oneself I guess nothing can work on earth. Women are faithful and true is a real debate-able question to all of us? Since ages men and women are worshiped in different regions. Since early times we have seen the women been the backbone of the mankind, be it managing the house, child rearing, household chores and so on.

Today after the technology advancements and uplift of her status in the society, she has gained power, moves shoulder levels with men in managing the family upbringing and earning bread too. Even the concept of single mothers have also numbered too. Men today have not majorly changed roles as a father, bread earner, husband, partner, brother, son. Instead the women before being considered the lady of the house, mother, daughter, wife, sister has changed roles as a son for parents having only daughter, bread earner as a single mother family, partnered in managing business etc. Thus she has the power of being a multifaceted person.

So I very strongly feel that if a women is and can be seen in so many roles, she would be definitely faithful and true enough. Because every relationship only is based on trust and understanding is what I very strongly believe. And a clap is completed only with two palms.

In-spite of all these, I do not completely agree to the fact that ALL WOMEN are faithful and truthful. In the present world, where she stand alone, she also looks upon a partner who can be with her as a support system in every walk of life. But when she wants to clap and does not find another palm, then situational factors make her disheartened and she tries to change herself by nature.

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