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The Truth Will Be Revealed

by Jane Jacobs
(Chapel Hill, NC, USA)

The competitive edge that men have shows itself often in how truthful they are in their on-line dating profiles. Often the concept of "The ends justify the means" takes precedence over what women truly desire from a relationship.

Nothing disgusts women more than when a guy formulates himself as the sort of guy they dream about and then reveals himself to be the exact opposite. Often men will dig into the deepest realms of their photo albums to find a picture taken five to twenty-five years ago, whenever they feel like they had prime mating features, to scan and upload as a "current photo."

When asked about activities, men will often put down not what they actually do in their free time, but things they don't mind doing that they know women love to do, but doesn't make them look like a pansy. Things like boating, poetry and listening to Hanson. Women generally will think that these are activities a sensitive and caring guy likes. Hunting and hiking are more strong manly activities. Both men probably don't do anything except sit at home, watch ESPN, and drink a lot of beer.

Men hope that even though they have lied extensively in their profiles, the woman they have been talking to is so attached to them already that they will forgive the misleading information. They especially enjoy if the woman is caught telling a wee white lie, that way they break even and they both can start from scratch and learn to like each other for who they really are, even if it is a far cry from what they wrote on the website.

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