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The special CD for my special friend

by Ansh
(Delhi, India)

The best gift for the best friend is not what costs higher or is perceived the best in general. It is what is best for your unique friend. And who else than you knows what your best friend likes and dislikes. When it comes to my best friend, I very well know that he is the die-hard fan of Pink Floyd and if I have to think of gifting the best, it would have to be something related to Floyd.

To start with, I would do a bit of research to find about those works of Pink Floyd that are not easily available in the market. I would buy and arrange all these numbers and combine it with the best numbers of Floyd in such a way that the transition is smooth and in flow while listening. If need be, I would take the help of a professional to achieve this goal.

After I am through with the selection and arrangement of the songs, I would prepare a special CD that would consist of all these selected numbers. I would record an introduction in my voice wishing happy birthday and reflecting how much I love and care my friend in a professional recording studio. This introduction will have the background music of one of the best works of Pink Floyd like "Another Brick in the Wall." In between, wherever deemed fit, I would add memories of ours from the past where we were in best of our moods and enjoyed the moments together.

I would record all the arrangements in one of the best music studios in the town and then would label the CD with the best photographs of Pink Floyd. If I could locate, it would be the photo that bears the signature of the music maestro. The CD would be finally signed by me with a slogan "With Love" and the date stamped thereon. CD shall then be wrapped with the different photographs of Pink Floyd’s achievements and chronology of events in reverse order.

The whole gift packet would be decorated with some photographs of our good time, a beautiful rose and "Happy Birthday" written all around in such a way that it fits the space well. This is what will be the best gift for my best friend.

The selection of best gift for the best friend is easy if we just use the rewind button and decide what suits our friend the best instead of looking for the common options that are sold in the market.

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