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The short answer: Both sexes do lie. The long answer: How well do you really know yourself?

by Kim

I honestly think that everyone, woman or man, wants to see themselves in the best light possible. It is always hard when you have to fill out any kind of question that relates to your personality. Answering questions about your appearance and status are separate categories all together really.

When it comes to appearance, no woman wants to think that she is ugly, or worse, fat! It is much more unacceptable for a women to be overweight than a man. A woman will overlook weight when a man has the qualities she wants, a man will typically not even look twice as soon as they know a woman is larger.

I can honestly say as a woman who has been both fit and overweight at different times in my life, I would cringe at those questions when I would have to answer them on any questionnaire.

I would usually just skip over them all together and not answer anything at all. That in itself will usually be enough of an answer to most people! I think it boils down to the fact that we want a chance to show people who we are before our weight or appearance becomes the ultimate judgment of whether or not we are attractive.

As for our personality, who wants to think of themselves as egotistical, arrogant or a bore? Each of us has to look in the mirror everyday and deal with who we are. You also have the people who honestly don?t even know some of their personality traits exist. I know some of the most annoying people are clueless as to how much they grate on people?s nerves. Ultimately, you may honestly think you're funny, witty, outgoing, eccentric, etc., but the best judge of your personality are the people who know you best.

Lastly is status. I think this is the area men get more of a raw deal on. Most men will overlook a woman working a blue collar job, just getting by (if she's hot enough anyway). Women look for success usually. We want a man who can provide for a family, who has goals and ambition. We don't want to worry that he will drag us down in life and wonder if we lose our job if we will end up in his parent's basement. Ultimately, I believe that men are much more apt to lie about this area than women.

So really, we both try to paint ourselves in the best light possible in different areas. Men are more likely to lie about status and women are more likely to lie about appearance. I think neither sex really lies about personality but most times people just don?t even realize they're condescending, impatient, or a pessimist. If we knew these things, most of us would certainly try to change those qualities.

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