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The Priceless Gift of Man - Friendship

In this fast, modern world what remains as our priceless possession is friendship. Much has been written and said about friendship right from age old days. It is a truly informal relationship and there is no room for polite, meaningless words.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

Goes the old proverb but its relevance was known to me when I met with a nightmarish incident in my life. This incident happened about five months back.

One early morning I had a phone call that one of my cousins had passed away. She was a heart patient and was undergoing treatment for the same. So it was decided that my parents together with our relatives were to go for the funeral which was to take place in our cousin's place about 100 kms away from our city.

I could not join them since my child had an important examination on that day and my pet dog also had to be fed. So I decided to go with my wife after sending my son to school.

Hardly an hour had passed when I got a phone call from my aunt who was traveling with my parents, that their van had met with an accident and all the others were injured, some of them serious.

The news came as a terrible shock to me.

She also said that she was the only person left without injuries. At that time it seemed to me that I was a helpless man left alone in this world. My mind became blank and I didn't know what to do, who to contact since all my relatives were injured. Again my aunt called and told me that my parents and relatives were admitted in a nearby hospital.

True Friendship - The Priceless Gift of Man

At that time I thought about my friend. I called him and told him everything. He told me not to worry and assured me that he will reach the hospital soon. "His words showered some ray of hope in me."

When I reached the hospital I found to my utter dismay that it was a very small hospital and could not accommodate all the twenty relatives of mine. My father had broken his ribs and my mother had injuries in her head.

In that messy situation my friend came and talked to the hospital authorities and he told me that it would be better to shift them to a multi-specialty hospital. No time was spared and he quickly arranged things for me. He was with me that whole day, helping me, buying medicine for the patients, reassuring me now and then.

Luckily all the patients survived, my parents also recovered after a few days. When my friend was about to leave, I didn't know how to thank him and I was in tears. I knew that without my friend nothing would have been possible. Even now when I think of this incident I am reminded of the selfless help of my friend. Truly nothing is as precious as a good friendship.

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