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The Ominous Biker

I used to work at a Gas Station. Since the next nearest Gas Station is more than 80 miles away, I often find myself at the receiving end of curses and profanities from the disappointed customers whenever the storage runs out. So when this happen, I usually get my friend, Victor to help me deal with the nasty ones. He is so quick witted and funny that customers usually leave with a smile on their faces.

This was a particularly busy weekend and the storage was running low. Most of the customers went away without much fuzz, but after having it from the mouth of a couple of customers I decided to call Victor for support. Victor is a freelance photographer and he is usually jobless most of the time. As I suspected, on this day, he was home watching TV and agreed to come by.

Victor was doing his duty quite fine avoiding getting into loud arguments with irate customers until a big brawny man dressed like a biker drove down on a Harley Davidson and stopped for Gas.

Victor said, "Sorry sir, we are out. No gas, there is a place 80 miles north, please proceed."

The man looked at Victor for a moment behind his black sunglasses and then parked his bike. Then he started walking towards Victor with raised eyebrows rotating a long key chain on his fingers, looking really ominous.

Sensing danger I pretended to have received a call on my cell phone and moved away. Victor stood up from the chair all alert and deep down scared out of his mind. He looked at me for support, but I was not very keen to interfere.

The man moved within an inch of Victor’s face and said, "Eh’ do you have a toilet around here?"

It took Victor a few seconds to collect himself and point to the room. As soon as the man closed the door, we burst out laughing.

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