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The Image of a Woman

by Albert Masese

It is good to say that women are not faithful when it comes to matters pertaining to heart, why? It is because in most cases men have tried to make good relationship but have failed because women do make mistake in dating process, men try to know more about this person but you find that she mighty turn to be an angel while she is on earth as we know that angels are in heaven.

Now when it comes to dating, let me give an example; a woman may have three boyfriends it mighty happen that they date her on the same day, what she does is that she calls each person to meet at different places within that town using some excuses. For instance in the morning with one man, at noon with another lastly in the evening. So that is one of the way that particular lady maybe unfaithful.

Another one is that you find that a woman is married and by good luck "his man" had got a job in far away country. Now because this woman is not faithful she makes moves of having someone to be with her while the man is away claiming that she cannot stay alone. As a matter of fact the notion of working away from home leaving the rest of the family has broken many families and in some extreme cases, when the offended victims takes matters on their own hands - brought loss of life.

Personally I think that when it comes to unmarried ladies they have improved in terms of dating. They now date two, three or four men each one going by a given "label". They have a man who is ready to hear their problems. They have a man who is ready to pay their rent. Another man may be there to provide transportation to work, another one who will cater for her makeup, or another may be there the one who "she thinks and treats as Mr. Right." That kind of behaviors is more demonstrated by college ladies and ladies with little or no main source of income

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