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Telugu Friends Reunited

by Sundaresh
(Bangalore, India)

As we can see, there are friends who have been re-united in a hall and are dancing away to very old item number of Telugu. We can see that while most of them are dancing there are a bunch of people arranging tables for dinner and decorating the whole place.

This scenario seems to be that of a college re-union where a bunch of friends have met up and are having fun to the core. In fact it is a typical scenario of the same. I am sure this is what happens when most re-unions happen.

People gather around, booze to the limits, dance to the craziest music available and as obviously, the so-called first bench students, will be busy arranging stuff, decorating the place, encouraging people to dance and they themselves maintaining a distance and having fun seeing the others dancing in the stupidest way possible.

The video may also depict a bunch of friends who were probably school mates and have united again after a very long time. Few of them could be in high dignified positions but when it comes to being with friends, one always forgets who he is outside those four walls and enjoys to the core.

It is here, among these friends that we tend to forget all our worries and stress. I believe such re-unions are something that must happen in everyone's life once in a while and it is something that brings in a new sense of energy to go ahead with one's day-to-day routine.

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