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Survival of the fittest

by Ben
(Concord, NH)

The days when men can club a woman around the head and drag her back to his cave are long gone.

Women have realized that this doesn’t produce healthy relationships, and every glossy magazine is full of tips and ways to make your man talk more and express his feelings. This collides against the male view of the world in which emotions are a very much female thing, and talking is only useful on a sports field. Hence why online dating sites are becoming so popular, as it provides a way for women to get the talking they need to weed out inappropriate guys, and men can hide behind the anonymity of the internet to express themselves.

The survival of the fittest rule still comes into play and is helped along by the self-same anonymity. Because words on screen come without any of the emphasis or feeling that come over the phone or face to face, it’s possible to make them say whatever you want. Therefore, a man using a dating site to meet and attract women is going to play on his best attributes to stake his claim.

Whilst there will be plenty of honest guys out there who put pictures of themselves up and write about their true interest, if a guy puts a picture up of a cute man without a shirt, and talk about how they love to volunteer and go for walks in the woods, they’re going to get a lot more responses. It’s no different to an advertising campaign between leading brands of cereal, but like consumers of said cereal, do your research before you choose which one you want to wake up to each morning.

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