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Stop Complaining

(1.) Stop Complaining about Work and Everything

That is right "stop complaining!" Sure, right now, it is rough out here in the USA, Europe and around the world. Given that the economy is growing at such a slow pace, people sometimes feel overwhelmed. For that reason, for most folks, it’s much easier to complain about the state of affairs. Do you know though, that many ordinary folks around the country are busy trying new ways to make ends meet, and do not have the time to complain?

How Can I Stop Complaining

I worked a long time in the Marketing Field. I started as a young woman and one day I woke up as a grown woman and thought to myself, this is not where I want to be. Sure America is the land of opportunity and I was grateful for every opportunity I had, but was it really what I wanted?

Was this really making me happy? The answer was no. And I needed to do something about it. Every night I would go home and sit and drink a bottle of wine and complain about my life and my job and how miserable it was making me, but what was I doing to change any of that?

And then I thought, and said to myself - "stop complaining and do something now!" Change is in your power. I can turn this around and I am in control of my own destiny. I gave a notice and now 4 years later I am a bit more poor than I used to be, but much richer in happiness. This is the type of article I can read and feel like it is clandestine on our future.

It should be our goal to make our future our own, and not to feel stuck or worried or unhappy. There is no reason to complain and feel sorry for yourself; you have the power to change. You have the power to stop being the sad fellow who hates life and is miserable day in and day out, and only works for the paycheck.

You can find happiness in your career. Know that, and then make the necessary changes to fulfill your destiny. Be free and follow your dreams and aspirations. It is not meant for you to live a less than fulfilling life. If you do something you love, it will never feel like work. In order to stop complaining at work and your life, find out what makes you happy and go for it!

by: Lisa Marie

4 Tips - How to Stop Complaining about Everything

Well here is what some people are doing instead of complaining:

1.) Small Businesses

Some people are opening up small businesses to fulfill their family's financial needs. There are those who open small business from the home basement or garage while others are setting up brick and mortar small businesses. They take charge of their own American dream as they have always have, inspired by the ever dying American spirit and turn it into a thriving, profit-making venture.

2.) New Careers

It’s no secret; this economy is at its lowest ebb and the job market has been so limited that many people have been forced to switch careers.

Some people have been looking for employment for a long time that they have no alternative than to get started from scratch in a whole new business or industry, one they have never worked in before.

This can be scary to do, but it has also helped many to forge ahead with life instead of sitting and complaining about the state of things.

3.) The Internet

The Internet holds many opportunities for people to earn extra income, or to have an online website for money-making purposes. More and more people are discovering this as solution to their financial issues.

4.) Still, America is a land of opportunity

Sure life is harder than it was some years ago. However, it is still easier to get back on your own feet again back here in America as compared to other places in the world where upward mobility is virtually nonexistence.

So if you are one of those people who are always complaining, this is what you need to do: "stop complaining" about things. Stop complaining to Google, stop complaining at work or complaining about work, rather:

Just get with it and find a path that works for you. Develop an "I can attitude" and quit thinking negative. Negative thinking only gets you negative results. Positive thinking gets you much further.

How to Stop Complaining

It’s very easy to feel down about work and about life in general if we entertain negative thoughts. So often we wait to feel better about our situation, without realizing that it’s how we think about a thing that determines how we will feel about it. It’s not what goes on around us that causes us much grief; it’s what’s going on between our ears that’s causing our negative attitude. What we think on determines how we will feel.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t have the best job. We can still do our best at that job and take a positive attitude about it. Even life isn’t as bad as it may seem if we can change the view we’re looking at it from. But how do we do that? By dwelling on positive thoughts and disregarding the negative ones. This is how we overcome thinking. And as we overcome negative thinking, we overcome negative feelings and attitudes. Then we can feel as we should about our work. And we can feel good about life. Because life is a blessings and blessings should be appreciated.

We should decide right now to stop complaining at work because someone wants a job and cannot find a job and we who have jobs have no right to complain about our work. If there’s a problem that needs addressing concerning our job, let’s address it. Otherwise, we must choose to change the way we think so that we can refrain from whining and complaining and replace these negatives with the positives of gratitude and serenity. Then we can enjoy our jobs.

And so it is with life in general. Someone else somewhere is worse off than we are. If we can learn to look on the bright side of things instead of one the dark side, we can see that it isn’t that bad. All that we need do is practice focusing on the positives of living and then by and by we will find our hearts and mouths have no more room for complaining.

by: Yolanda Everline

For most of us, it is easy to get into the habit of complaining about things, especially at work with your coworkers. Some workplaces are much worse than others; some workplaces seem to tolerate in both management and employees a “complaining” mentality, complete with backbiting, backstabbing, and back scratching. If this situation applies to you and you want to do something about it, then don’t give up, because there are ways to fight that atmosphere and to not succumb to the numbing effects of a complaining spirit.

You can learn to stop complaining at work and even influence others to stop complaining, too.

First of all, the most important aspect in stopping the complaining bug is to work on oneself. I can do something about myself, if I want to, but I can’t do anything about what other people do. I can only really have the power to change myself. I need to constantly view the things that I complain about through the lens of what I have to be thankful for.

Most of us, when we complain, are focusing on the negative, on what we think is wrong and how we think that we have the right for things to be different. Actually, no one can control the circumstances of their life. Not all of the circumstances of life, anyway. We have not control over the weather or over the political or economic aspects of the nation or the globe. However, we can do something about the things that come within our own power, like how do I spend my money, time, or other resources.

Much of what we complain about falls into either of these categories. It would be helpful if we isolated the specific things and then rationally determine what we can and cannot do about them—without playing a blame game, saying it is all someone else’s fault. Take responsibility.

Finally, it is important to realize that although we can’t change other people, we can influence them. Perhaps the people that complain at work are lonely or they use this to gain a negative attention for themselves. Try changing the atmosphere around you, one person at a time, by affirming and thanking people for what they do right. Bring cookies to work. Share good stories. Stop complaining at work.

Stop Complaining about work and everything

Stop Complaining

How Do I Stop Complaining And Be Different? here is how:

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