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Star Wars Birthday party theme

It's true that Star Wars has not been in film lately. Surprisingly it is still a popular movies for both new and old fans from young children to adults. Most people find Star Wars to be fascinating world where they can allow their imaginations as well as their fantasies to take hold in the galaxy that is far away. If you have a birthday girl or boy who is a fan of the films, Star Wars birthday party theme is an ideal birthday party theme that is the ultimate in fun.

There are many directions you can take that can bring the theme to life in a way that everyone will have fun. First, you can do the classic Star Wars with the episodes such as IV, V, and VI, and show one after the other at different times during the party. This is best if you are planning an overnight birthday party. You will want to have plenty of time to show the movies and yet have some food and drinks such as pizza.

Moreover, you can take it further and have everyone attending the party come in their favorite Star Wars character from the six different films. Moreover, if you want to really be adventurous, you can show all six films, one right after the other. This is great if you have a weekend to celebrate the birthday party. If not, you could also break it up over two years' birthday celebrations, after all, fans today, will be fans next year.

If you have a creative bunch of friends you can have time where your guests tell tales about what happens before various episodes of the movies and what happens to the different characters during the shows. This can create a role-playing type of atmosphere that can be a great amount of fun for both children and adults.

If you want more action or activity at the party, you can set up a Jedi training came and then set up an obstacle course that everyone has to follow and then have everyone do a series of exercises that are like those that Luke went through during The Empire Strikes Back. Whoever wins can be rewarded with Star Wars awards for extra entertainment.

When it comes to your cake, most bakeries still have a large inventory of Star Wars cake molds because it is still so popular. However, if your local bakery does not, you can find some great online ideas for a Star Wars Theme with your own homemade birthday cakes. It would be awesome to try one of these because it will set you apart from the norm of those that have seen Star Wars cakes. Make sure to have a Star Wars background and the original logo that is painted in yellow. Keep it simple but appropriate.

I hope the idea above will get you started towards preparing for a "Star Wars Birthday party theme" for your next birthday or your child birthday. I believe that you will have a very fun and memorable time creating the theme.

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