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Sometimes, it is just out of our hands

by thomas
(pleasant valley,ny, USA)

As much as I would like to say that social status and wealth do not encourage or discourage the type of friends we make or that they don't put a strain on the friendships we already have, it is just not that simple.

Growing up, we are given a paved road of morals and stereotypes whether we realize it or not. Some may be a little more ignorant and blatant than others, but it would be unrealistic to say that people only see people for what is on the inside and that what is on the outside is irrelevant.

The same way prejudice exists between races and religions, there also exists a line between social standings that which may be more visible to some than others, is still there and cannot be overlooked.

For instance, this is something that I personally experienced recently and makes an excellent example. My fiance’s best friend got married about a week ago and while her family was above middle class, her boyfriend came from a little more money and they decided to have their wedding in Aruba. Due to the fact that we are from New York, planning to actually take this trip was a little out of our price range. Now, while this was understood, I could still sense a sort of resentment from the bride towards my fiance for not being there for her on her special day.

If they were asked they would both say they are best friends and have been since high school, which was about 10 years ago, but in reality they barely even talk because they travel in completely different circles.

As a couple we cannot afford to do the extravagant things they do so it is easier to deal with if we don't pretend we can. Therefore, the relationship between my fiance and the bride has suffered dramatically due to differences in wealth and lifestyle. The majority of us, for reasons of morality, would like to say that if a friend is true that is all that counts. But sometimes, outside factors due contribute to these things and it is just our of our hands.

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