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Some Men are Faithful and Truthful

by risabiji

I think some are faithful, why? Because my husband is very faithful to me. Similarly my father also is faithful and truthful. Also I know many faithful and truthful men in the community. Unfortunately there are many cheating men in the community who believe it or not see cheating as morally Okay.

I have known men in horrible relationships who have not cheated because to them its seen as more damaging to them then their partner. They would rather live and know they are men of honor and integrity.

Some men don't considered life is important and beautiful. They live their own way. They damage their life. They don't think his wife is part of his life and they spoil his life. Many women wonder why their man or ex-man cheated on them.

when women put their heart and soul in to a relationship just to feel empty and alone in the end. But men don't considered women as his life partner. They think she is his slave.

Some men love his spouse. They very care about his wife and their life become happy, such a family is like living in heaven. My family is heaven. My husband very much love me and I too love him.

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