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Solar Powered Robot Unicorn

Alright, so you want to give your friend a unique gift. Consider this: A fully automatic, robotic unicorn that is powered by the sun!

Why a solar powered robot unicorn you say?

Well, first of all, in this day and age, EVERYONE would benefit from one more thing using solar power.

  • Solar power is renewable, clean, green,
  • A solar powered robot unicorn Good for the environment,
  • Readily available on most internet auction sites like eBay and Amazon.

What you need for this project is a small, portable solar power adapter, preferably one with a panel that is waterproof, flexible, sturdy, rugged and in the same color that you want your friends solar powered robot unicorn to be.

The first step in building a solar powered robot unicorn as a unique gift for your best friend is simply to find the solar panel you are looking for, then order it (or buy it, if you are in a store). After you have the solar panel for your solar powered robot unicorn safely in your possession, you should be ready to start planning how to implement the solar panel into your solar powered robot unicorn.

My suggestion would be to contact an electrician or an electrical engineer using your local yellow pages, and ask them for advice. If you are an electrician or an engineer yourself, you should have the basic knowledge required to implement your new solar panel in your solar powered robot unicorn.

Solar Powered Robot Unicorn

After you have figured out how to use your solar panel to power the solar powered robot unicorn, you should start thinking about how you will build the unicorn itself. Some people prefer buying a simple mechanical horse at a toy store, and then super-gluing a conical shaped horn to its forehead in order to give the appearance of a robot unicorn.

You could also build your solar powered robot unicorn from scratch, using your electrical and mechanical knowledge if you are an engineer or electrician, or you could use your local yellow pages to look up an engineer or electrician to assist you in building your solar powered robot unicorn.

If you build your unicorn from scratch, you need something to resemble the fur of a unicorn. Some people use carpets, blankets, etc, which are all viable options. The most important thing to think about is: DO NOT KILL AN ACTUAL UNICORN FOR ITS FUR. After you have built your robot unicorn, simply attach the solar power supply, and you're done!

Your friend should be delighted. Good luck in your building. Remember to NOT KILL A UNICORN FOR ITS FUR.

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