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Social Status - Times Are Always Changing

by Andy

Unfortunately for others "social status" seems it does matter. I am not a man of much means, not that it matters to me. I feel that money is not the most important thing that is to be accomplished in life.

However, I feel a person should be valued based on their merits. I have a diverse array of interests, and I feel I can relate and get along with just about anyone.

  • I enjoy many genres of music, movies, and artists.
  • I enjoy talking about politics and sports.
  • I am very studious on theological, and scientific topics.

However, any time I try to discuss any of these things with someone I meet, or know, from a supposed "higher class", they look at me like I'm too stupid to debate on their level, and seem to laugh off or dismiss anything I have to say.

Because of that, I suppose, I do tend to spend my limited amount of time with people who will not judge me in this way. But, its not because people's "status" matters to me, but rather because it seems to matter to them.

There are many people in my life that I should be able to talk to, and/or spend more time with- family members, ex-classmates, etc.- but I don't, because of these attitudes.

I really wish people would realize that people of all classes can be interesting, smart, and engaging. But, I guess some are just blind to that, for whatever reason.

For example, I have an aunt and uncle who are very wealthy. I used to spend a lot of time with them when I was younger, every summer I spent at least a month at their house, as I had cousins my same age.

The times are always changing, but some things never do!

As I got older though, and I did not follow the same money and success- hungry lifestyle that they have chosen, I quickly noticed that they thought less of me. Despite all of the time that I spent with them, and the fact that they are family, they just have this whole other world that they live in. And, its very apparent, and easy to see, that anyone who doesn't fit the same mold as them must be stupid, or a failure, or lack motivation.

What they don't understand is that there are good people out there who just happen to put other accomplishments ahead of money, and success.

Being the best father and husband that you can be, finding satisfying hobbies to fill some of your time that would not be possible if you spent every moment chasing another dollar.

Of course none of this will ever change.

I imagine its always been this way, even as far back as cavemen days. Igor spent all of his time hunting, and had more pelts and food than he could ever use. And, not only did he refuse to even consider sharing these resources with the fellow men who had less, he also looked down on those who only acquired what they needed, as if he were better.

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Oct 27, 2010
I agree with Aristotle
by: Buff Huntley

True friendship must be between equals. If there is a large imbalance in circumstances, power, advantages, etc., there cannot be true friendship. (I am not talking about being friendly with someone or being on good terms with).

Equal sharing and freedom from feeling of obligation is a must before true bonding can occur. There is a lot of sentimental talk about anyone being able to be friends, but if we look for it in the real world, we have a long hard task.

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