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Social Status of friends and family does not matter

by Marvi

For me social status of my friends and family has never mattered. In friendship status does not matter, has never mattered.

People who make friendships based on the other person being rich, their friendships base is built on a farce. Such a friendship will never be successful. on the other hand, a friendship based on true emotions, care and respect, will always flourish

No matter if your friend is poor than you, his presence is all that should matter to you. A person who is caring and helpful but poor is a much better person who is insensitive, rude but rich. In friendship and relations, all you need is support. True friends will only be able to give that.

One cannot deny the fact that if your friend is of a higher class than you, he/she will be able to help you in a lot of more ways when it comes to financial help but in the matter of emotions, poor and rich does not matter. All that matters is that the other person is there for you when you need them and in today's world a person who is there for you in your ups and downs emotionally, matters more since today emotions play a greater value than money.

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