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Social Status is the Matter

As much as we want to seem accepting of all people and their differences, sometimes there is no way to get around those differences. For example, social status is a very important factor.

Social status determines the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the restaurants you visit, the drinks you buy, the places you go have fun at, and it even determines your health status. Sure, I'll hang out with wealthier people than I. Sure, I'll give my fellow broke college friends a few bucks. Sure, I'll dress up fancy and pretend to fit in, but I don't have the money to splurge on clothes, food, and other luxuries.

Social status does matter.

I know my wealthier friends won't invite me to specific events due to the fact that I cannot afford it. On the other hand, I won't invite someone who is completely broke to events most would consider "cheap." If you can't afford to attend an event with a friend, why be friends? Sure, you can partake in free activities, but nothing is ever free and money will always interfere.

Let's talk cultural or moral differences.

A white millionaire might have hired someone to teach him etiquette and can be on the top of the VIP list at any social establishment. On the other hand, an African American male who earns minimum wage has to wait in line at these social establishments.

It matters to these people who they associate with. The white man's status might be lowered; the African American's might be as well for "trying to fit in." There is judgment, there is a difference.

"Social Status" - "is the Matter"

It does matter to everyone, regardless of how high they hold their morals and open-mind. I am accepting of all races, all religions, all shapes and sizes, but some topics we wish did not impact our lives, greatly do. It's not that we choose to accept these societal norms based on status, but they are there and we cannot deny the difference.

I need to have friends and family members of the same social status to find an equilibrium in every other judgmental aspect. If we put the social status aside, we can focus on other activities, plans, goals, and ways to spend our time. Money is an issue, it always has been, and unfortunately, plays a very important aspect in our everyday encounters.

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