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Social Status Is Overrated

by Amanda Rae

When making new friends it certainly should not matter what the social status of their family and friends are. It is not genuine nor polite to operate this way. In fact, if social status of friends and family is considered when deciding whether to keep friends then you are missing out on some potentially wonderful relationships throughout life.

A particular social status of a person does not influence whether I keep friends around or not. I accept people just the way they are and I embrace it. I think that when we make our relationships conditional based upon social status we are far too concerned with what other people think.

"A relationship is not about what others think. It is, in fact, how two people contribute to the lives of one another."

If you are unconditional in your relationships then you set a trend for others to be more genuine. We definitely need more unconditional and genuine people in this world and we would not have to be asking questions about whether social status of family members affects relationships and friendships.

A social status of a particular person does not define the person that they are. It is essentially a definition given by someone else which does not give you permission to judge that particular person. Judgment is toxic to relationships so just keep it out of them.

Relationships should only consist of genuine and legitimate love. I stay true to the relationships that I establish in my life and would encourage anyone else to do so as well.

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