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Social Status Does Not Make or Break a Relationship

No, absolutely not. From the moment I started junior high, up until where I am now, at the still relatively young age of 22 years old, I have turned a blind eye to "the social status of individuals", particularly those close to me. As long as I share common interests or am attracted physically or emotionally to a particular individual, the social status of that person could not possibly matter less to me.

To put this all into perspective, let me explain my point of view. Using someones social status, whether it be their popularity, or perhaps what cliques they fall into, to determine if they are up to par is nothing more than abusive measuring stick. Why exactly should these things matter? A handful of my closest friends, all of whom I considered to be impeccable and outstanding individuals, are people whom others would more than likely classify as "unpopular," "nerdy," or a "loser." Why? It's simple. They've chosen to live their lives against the grain. They haven't bought into the latest trends, and evidently, that aggravates others. Yet, it could not possibly matter less to me.

To me, using social status to make predetermined assumptions about someone is no different than racism. It's not fair to discriminate against someone for such a thing, and it certainly isn't right. When I meet someone out on the town, at a concert, a sporting event, a movie, and so on, the first and only thing that matters to me is a first impression. By this, I of course do not mean what they are wearing, what their hair looks like, how many other people they're with, or anything absurd along those lines. I simply mean the first impression via any form of communication that person makes on me. If I get the feeling they're someone I'd like to spend more time with, their social status can be thrown out the window for all I care. If I get a feeling quite the opposite, I'll more than likely pass on an opportunity to interact with them more and work on developing a friendship.

The bottom line, is the fact that there are others out there who would refuse to turn a blind eye to social status and potentially sacrifice an irreplaceable relationship over something so trivial and unnecessary is hogwash. Then again, I guess not everyone is perfect.

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