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Social Status Depends on the Person

by kingy delacruz
(boston, lincolnshire)

I was born into a very poor family where money was only an issue to survive. I moved to England from the Philippines because my mother married a well off man in the RAF. So "growing up has kept me in the middle of this social status topic".

I have friends that are very well off but we do not do certain things together, for instance, he travels a lot and goes on a lot of holidays which I cannot join because I cannot afford but luckily he doesn't think we cant be any less friends because of his class.

I think it depends on the person to be honest.

I have friends who are not well off at all and sometimes they are intimidated by some people with money because they cannot do some of the things people well off can. They cannot buy things that they wished they could buy. My social standing would be in the working class and it hasn't affected who I choose to be friends with really, only to the extent of what money does to some peoples attitudes.

For example some rich folk look down on you yet some don't. In conclusion I would say that social status only matters to those who have clear lines in social standing and doesn't matter at all to those who have blurred lines due to the person having friends for the right reasons and not just because of money. Also if you have real friends from when you were young then that makes the lines blur even more so.

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