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Sincerity and Love is the Key

by mercy sunny
(Kerala, India.)

Friendship is a magical tie between two hearts. If social status and financial well-being is a barrier in this relationship it will not be a true friendship. "A true friend is the one with whom we can confide every problems of our lives and share all the happiness in our life."

"Sincerity and love" should be the guidelines to be used to choose the friendship not social status or financial back grounds. Two friends do have the same wavelength. Then only can they communicate with their heart. This communication is the essence of friendship. If this communication is not possible between friends they are not friendships, just acquaintances for a while.

If you are looking at the financial backgrounds and social status of a person before selecting him as a friend the aim of this is not a friendship but it is to make benefits from this relationship. A true friend do not expect anything from his friend. He will do whatever he can do for his friend.

If social status and financial well-being are the criterion for friendships mingling between the rich and poor will not happen. People of different financial groups and social status form different groups and there will be no platform to mingle with people of other categories. Friendship is the platform to share the experience of different categories of people. Then only can we understand the problems of other people and help others.

So try to communicate with every type of person and find a friend who can understand and make you happy. If you are going after social status and social well-being you will lose the chance to gain a real friend with whom you can share everything in your life. One way to be happy in life is to make friends and always aim to be a true friend.

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