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Silver Spoons or Plastic Spoons?

by TheFrogPrince&Family

Silver Spoons or Plastic Spoons?
As long as we make good dinner company!

Circumstantially, differences in societal and financial status between myself and potential friends can affect "my opportunities" to make the connections that might develop into good friendships.

That is to say, there are options of places to go and things to do which might not be available to me as they are to better-off strangers and acquaintances, just as there are options of places to be and things to do that I might overlook because they are not necessities for me as they might be for worse-off strangers and acquaintances.

That being said, the circumstances surrounding the opportunities to develop friendships are tangential to the issues of friendship itself.

Only somewhat less tangential are the circumstances of views of the relationship or potential relationship, coming from outside the relationship. That is, the opinions of friends and family of either of us, in terms of the friendship or potential friendship, are only an issue of the friendship itself if the said friendship is being conceived of as a group dynamic including the other parties, and not as a relationship between us, two people.

Similarly, those outside views on socio-economic disparity between us two potential friends can only affect the friendship if we let them.

Admittedly, the outside opinions can further affect the circumstances surrounding how the friendship is able to manifest. This was especially the case when I was still "a dependent" of my parents. For example, because they could either hinder options that might otherwise have been open to me or assist in making more possibilities for me "other options which they felt were desirable to promote."

All that said, when you get down to the core of friendship itself, and the emotional connection between two people that can be fed into by circumstance in so many different ways, and yet does not rely on it – "no the social status of my potential friend, or of their other friends and family, does not matter to me or influence me in judging the value of their friendship."

There are too many things beyond control which can move people together or apart. What movement I can control I prefer to judge on factors – like personality – which are themselves more within the control of the person than things like socio-economic status necessarily are.

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