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Signs he wants to be more than friends

Signs he wants to be more than friends

If you find that you are developing romantic feelings for your guy friend, then you already know that this can be a potentially sticky situation. If the guy feels the same way, then there is the risk of moving forward in a romance and possibly losing the friendship if things don't work out. On the other hand, if you decide not to act on your feelings, then you have to endure the torture of not being able to express how you really feel for your friend.

The fact is that there is nothing wrong with developing romantic feelings for your friend. The basis of any good romance is a friendship anyway. Your friendship with your guy friend has given you the opportunity to be able get to know him in an intimate way. He's probably revealed himself to you fully, because he wasn't trying to impress you.

If you have decided that you are going to test him regarding his feelings for you, then here are some ways that you can test to see how he really feels about you:

1.) Test his reaction when you talk about your dates or other possible romantic interests

A guy will either react one of two ways. He won't care, or he'll act protective of you. If he acts protective of you, then don't take that as a sign just yet, because friends protect one another. However, if none of your dates are ever good enough for you, then it's probably because he's jealous of them.

2.) Test him with light flirtation

Many times, friends of the opposite sex engage in light flirtation. However, if the incidences of flirting become more intense, or if he initiates the flirtation, then it's time to call him out on his feelings.

3.) Test him to see if he wants to go on an actual date with you

This means the type of date where you both get dressed, and do something romantic. If he says yes, there is a reason and that reason is that he probably likes you romantically.

Signs he wants to be more than friends

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

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