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signs he only wants to be friends

4 signs he only wants to be friends

He makes it clear that he's keeping his options open

Now, let's think about this. If you, as a woman, kept on emphasizing this options thing with a male friend, wouldn't you be indicating to him that you're not sexually interested? Men are the same way. They might be less "sensitive" many a time in their expressions, but their feelings are basically the same.

If you're interested in a man who's a friend of yours and you think that you're doing well flirting with him and grabbing his interest, yet he keeps on indicating that he is unquestionably keeping his options open...

Here's your sign! The fact is that if he seems like he wants you and he's already got your trust and affection as a friend, but he still makes it clear that he's going to be out in the field, you're sadly mistaken. He may adore you and care for you, but he's just not into you if his options are open.

He doesn't get turned on by your attempts at seduction

No matter how hot you are, or believe you are, ladies, a man who just isn't into you won't be snagged by anything sexual that you do. He won't recognize your flirtations, he won't get hot and bothered by your pheromone perfume, he won't want to take you to bed because of your Victoria's or Frederick's short you just can't seduce him.

This can be a tricky sign to perceive; because of course there are men who are shy. So don't give up after your first few attempts. But when you find yourself feeling immensely frustrated, understand that it's probably time to quit and not get angry and destroy a friendship.

He's always checking out other women

Believe it or not, a man automatically keeps his eyes forward around a woman he really wants. He isn't always blatantly checking out other women. His attention goes to the one he really wants-and this is especially true if the one he wants is already his friend.

If the man who is your friend and your love interest is always checking out other women right before your eyes and always talking about other women to you-he's just not that into you.

He doesn't understand why you're so "moody"

Women play games and women are moody. A man who doesn't understand this in you and who wants you to be "one of the guys" really wants just that: he wants you to be one of the guys. If your guy in question doesn't understand that you're moody over him, he likely doesn't want you.

Pay attention and watch for these signs.

signs he only wants to be friends

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

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