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Signs guy friend likes you

Signs guy friend likes you

3.) Likes to touch and get close to you (Read part one of "signs guy friend like you" here)

He never ceases finding reasons to talk to you or gently touch you in a nice, non-threatening, and non-sexual way. Now, you need to be very careful with this one. If he likes laying his hand on your shoulder when he talks to you, for instance, what you want to do is observe him from afar at other times and see if that is merely a habit of is in that he is also touching other people when conversing as opposed to only touching you.

There are some men who are just that way. Lots of sales professionals are that way. If you aren't interested sexually in your male friend but you find him doing this repeatedly, the worst thing in the world for you to do is destroy his life with false charges against him. Do him and yourself a favor and bring that to his attention.

Likewise, for your sake, you don't want to think, if you're interested in him, that - that is a tell-tale sign. Observe carefully, though, because it really could be a sign that he's attracted, if you're interested in him. And if you're not, let him down easy. Just be frank with him and trust any mature man will respect and thank you for that.

4.) Listens and remembers

He's highly attentive to everything you say and he has a "long" memory for things that you say and do. Now, he may just be exceptionally bright and have a great memory, period. So the tell-tale sign is that he remembers what you say with frightening accuracy but his memory is not as great with what other women (and men) say.

5.) He's full of never-ending compliments for you, but not for other gals.

He may disguise this as just trying to "bring up your self-confidence", but if he really means that then you'll find him doing it with other female friends, too. If he seems to do this exclusively for you, it's a tell-tale sign.

6.) He acts jealous when you flirt, or seem to flirt, with another guy

When a man is in love and sees another man trying to make moves on his woman, his natural male instinct for survival kicks in. He may pull you aside and insist "that guy's not good enough for you" if he knows him or try to destruct or interrupt. He may just shoot you a dirty look. A Platonic friend won't be acting jealous and over-protective.

7.) He stares at you, but seemingly without realizing it

A man who is enchanted with the beauty, physical or personal, of a woman really can't take his eyes from her for very long unless he's blind. If you see him giving you longing gazes that he then shakes off or denies to you, be aware that he may have great interest. It's really a tell-tale sign if your other friends notice this, too.

There you have it. Seven signs of probable guy pal interest in you. If you have been wondering, look closely!

Signs guy friend likes you

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

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