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Should You Help A Friend In Need?

by Joseph

Should You Help a Friend in Need?

Should You Help a Friend in Need?

The saying goes, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." But part of being a good friend is being able to recognize when you are being taken advantage of.

Here's a story about a friend in need

Mary is a hardworking secretary. She lent $1500 to her dear friend Robert who claimed he needed the money to cover some unexpected expenses. Robert lives in a beautiful condo and has been accustomed to having the finer things in life like buying designer labels and taking frequent trips so when he promised to repay the money to Mary in a specified time, she didn't think a thing of it.

After a couple of weeks passed, Robert called and asked Mary for money once again. This time she told him she just didn't have the extra money to give him. Upon hearing that Robert became rude and told Mary she wasn't a good friend and hung up on her.

All of a sudden Mary realized she had been taken advantage of and her hurt dissolved into anger. She was angry with herself and with Robert. She wondered how he could be so inconsiderate to take money from her when she struggled to make ends meet herself and he knew it.

Women are natural born nurturers and as such they constantly want to take care of their family and friends and help to make things better for very one Unfortunately, this makes them easier to be taken advantage of and many women have learned to keep their guard up to prevent this from happening.

There tends to be a stigma attached when a woman gives money to a man, she is thought to be desperate or have poor self esteem. But what about when the man is just a friend and the money wasn't a gift but a loan?

A friend in need is a friend indeed - Better be careful!

Lending money to a friend is rarely a good idea no matter what genders are involved. When you are close to a friend and trust him, it is easy to let down your guard and want to help out if you can. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself though by making the loan a legally binding transaction.

If you want to loan someone money, it is your business and should be no one's concern. Instead, the critical eye should be turned to someone that would take advantage of a friend's generous nature.

In the case of Mary and Robert, she lost all respect for the man who was once her friend and their friendship fell apart. He was undeserving of her respect anyway since he showed no respect towards her. He was not a good friend because his actions showed him to be manipulative and self-serving.

As it turns out Robert was not a friend in need because he was not a friend to start with. Friends naturally help each other. Acts of generosity enrich our lives. Part of maturing into well-rounded adults includes cultivating the ability to know when to help friends and knowing when to say no.

What are your opinion, do you think we should help a friend in need and if so what are the limits?

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