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Share Things With Friends

Share Things With Friends
(Reason Number 7.)

Sharing is an important part of a long-term friendship. Sharing means that your friend isn't the only one who contributes when it comes to going places together, doing things etc. For example, if your friend is always being the one that pays when you go out, or that is always inviting you over to their house, etc. The problem is that if you let this happen, what then is the relationship all about? If you are always letting them pay, then you are using them and not being a real friend.

If you are truly a friend, you will be a person that is always willing to share things with friends such as paying half the dinner bill, or at the very least put up the tip. Granted, you may be less fortunate than they are, but when you have extra money, chip in what you can. Invite them over to your house as regularly as possible. If you both have families that get along, don't be that person that let's their kids go over and spend the night all the time without inviting their kids for a sleep over once in a while. You be the one that has the barbeque once in a while, or at the very least if you are invited over, bring something with you like extra soda, beer or food. Even if you can't afford something expensive, it is the thought that counts.

In the same token, if you are the one who always pays, then you really have to think about your friend and whether or not they are just using you to party or to feed them or provide entertainment. In the same token, while they are less fortunate than you are, they could still contribute in other ways. If they aren't, you may want to re-evaluate your friendship.

How to Share Things With Friends

Share Things With Friends

What makes a good friend?

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