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SGVM School Friends Reunion

by P Gajra

SGVM School Friends Reunion meet at Hotel Tourist Palace on 9-May-2010

On May 9, 2010, our reunion date, SGVM School classmates came to celebrate the Reunion and also the Mother’s Day. It was great fun in contacting friends we had thought about and wished we kept better in contact, while having this party.

High school was a time when we enjoyed life to the fullest, oblivious about the future. Though people promised each other to be in touch after completing high school, this does not happen many times because of the responsibilities that we have to take in our adult life.

However, there are times in our busy schedules, where glimpses of the high school years pass through our minds and we yearn to go back to that life of fun and joy, even just for a day. Hence, arranging a high school reunion party is a great way of meeting our old friends, thus refreshing the old memories.

Organizing a high school reunion was not an easy task; rather it required lot of planning and efforts to put together a great reunion.

Moreover, when it comes to high school reunion, one has to take more efforts because before planning the reunion, you have to search the whereabouts of our classmates as many of them may have relocated for work or other personal reasons. This was supposed to be the most difficult part of planning a reunion.

With the presence of Internet, contacting our classmates was not very difficult. So we first checked on popular social networking sites for former classmates and friends.

Most people attended the reunion to meet their old friends and catch up with each other's life. Hence, we had just a few activities and left the rest of the time to socialize.

At the reunions it’s always said, “we have to do this again, soon” or “we have to keep in touch”. Sadly, our busy lives continue with just the memories of that evening. With proper planning and organization, we turned our high school reunion into an event which will be cherished by all our classmates forever. We learnt about other fellow students during the party, and had a great social experience. Planning a reunion was such a rewarding experience.

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