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Secret Puzzle Box

by Samuk

Secret Puzzle Box opened

Secret Puzzle Box opened

Secret Puzzle Box opened Secret Puzzle Box closed

A secret puzzle box is a very nice present to give to a good friend, or even a girlfriend or boyfriend. This box fits in the palm of your hand and is ideal for putting on jewelry and tickets. The great fun of this is the challenge to get the gift.

A secret puzzle box when closed, can only be opened if the right moves are made. It is true that this can create great anxiety and impatience in some, so be careful with whom you will present this gift. If (s)he is a good friend who likes emotions, it will certainly be a great present. A good tip is also hold yourself for not telling the secret of opening the secret puzzle box. If you can not get your mouth shut, send this by mail.

To spice it up even better why not let your best friend discover for themselves the secret of how to open the box alone? That could be great fun. He may take a few days, but no later than one week he will have already discovered how to open the secret puzzle box. Even if your friend complains of not being able to use the gift immediately, later he will remember the challenge and you will be able to get good laughs.

The vast majority of people complain much when they see that they will not get the present immediately. Do not worry about it. If your friend fight or insists for help, it's all part of the plan, so we say again: it is important not show them how to open the box immediately - that could be instant gratification. Your friend should find out himself. The most you should do is give some clues to how the box opens.

There are several "models of secret puzzle box" that can be bought on the internet. Some can also be found in Chinese goods store. Another caution that we have, is the difficulty of the box. There is a lot simple boxes that open with just three correct movements, but there are others that need more than 300!

Never put something in the box too expensive, especially if she has a high degree of difficulty, at all can happen that you can not open the box later. If you really want to give a secret puzzle box that has a high level of difficulty and need lots of movements to open, a good idea is to give only the box with just a little note or card inside. After all if the level is really hard, you can take a long time until someone can open the secret puzzle box.

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