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Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Theme for Teens

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Teenagers are often the hardest to impress

They are simply too old for themed parties that are more suitable to younger kids, but not old enough to truly appreciate an adult party theme. There appears to be very few choices when it comes to finding the perfect teen birthday that will be something that he or she remembers for years.

If you want to find something unique for this year's party, you might look into an Amazing Race birthday scavenger hunt for your teenager's party. Make sure you have prices and gifts for the birthday teen to give to the name of the winners.

You will need to plan this party in advance because you may need to get the permission of the other parent's of teen's that are attending the party. Moreover, you will want to talk about the gifts with the parents since they may have their own ideas that may be really great when your teen is in search of finding the Amazing Race grail.

  • Keep prizes simple and fun

However, you should keep the prizes very simply and yet fun, but keep the legs for each of the races challenging so that they are entertaining but can also be achieved without any risks of being hurt or injured. Ensure there is more of a challenge than simply going to the store to buy, borrow, or beg for item. Make the items things that they will have to figure out and plan in order to win as a team. This will make the entire party fun for everyone involved and a birthday theme that will not soon be forgotten.

Remember when planning a party like this to keep the safety of everyone as your top priority. Divide into team so that there is one adult for each team, that way the adult is aware of what is taking place and helping to keep everyone safe. This party can be so much fun when the parents and teens are participating together by issuing the challenges, or they can even become the pit stop in the process. It is fun for parents and especially nice for them to be involved positively.

  • No scavenger hunt is final without good food
You can finish the scavenger hunt with food such as cake, pizza, and perhaps some video footage, though you will need to plan ahead of the party for this. The Amazing Race party will certainly be one that your teen and their friends will remember. While it is a bit more costly to have this type of birthday party, which is why you need to plan carefully. Moreover, you might wish to add some craft projects in the Amazing Race to be part of the hunt, which is a way to prolong the activities; also, give out some disposable cameras so that everyone has an opportunity to take some photos to create memories of the Amazing Race.

Of course, the most important aspect of the party is that you use your creativity and imagination to keep everyone safe and keep the party as entertaining as possible for everyone involved. The Amazing Race scavenger hunt birthday theme offers a way to create some very fond memories for your teen and their friends for many years to come. Relax and just remember that the entire party is about having fun, even if something goes wrong for whatever reason, just move on to the next activity rather than getting into the details of what happened. One word of warning, make sure you have plenty of food, teens tend to eat a lot and you do not want a handful of hungry teens on your hands.

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