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(4.) Stop Being Scared That Easily

Stop letting yourself to be scared so fast and so easily. Why live a life full of fear and anxiety when you could live a life so much full of fun things to do! Of course, the truth is, there are a lot of things happening around the world today that can make us all scared if we all let them. Do not let fear mongers rattle your secure feeling.

Are You Scared of Being Alone In the Middle of Nowhere

One last step and I would finally feel cold, damp earth beneath my feet again. As I gazed up towards the sky, all I could see was a faint light that signaled my entrance, and hopefully my eventual exit.

What had led me directly into the mouth of my greatest fears? Would my efforts and research finally lead me to the key for which I had been searching, for the past 5 years of my life? Darkness engulfed me. I could feel the moist air constricting around me and as my breaths grew short and harsh. I knew this feeling but I couldn’t let it propel me back towards the sliver of light above.

I reached for my flashlight and flipped the switch, hoping that the light it produced would calm my nerves. I slowly swung the path of light in an arc in front of me, trying to gauge what I was dealing with. My light illuminated a narrow passage, little wider than my body. “Strike two,” I cautiously murmured to myself. The figurative air constricting around my body would soon turn into millions of tons of rock.

What had seemed like such a good idea when standing in the middle of an open field had suddenly become a nightmare! But it was too late to turn back now. The key was close and I wasn’t going home without it. While I gripped the light in my left hand I could feel the darkness closing in around me.

Note to self, bring a lantern next time. As I slipped sideways into the passageway, I could feel the weight of the earth on either side of me, just waiting to collapse on me. No one would be able to save me.

I was alone. As I slowly inched my way down the narrow corridor my light slipped from my hand. As it dropped, almost in slow motion, I knew things had gone from bad to worse. Strike three. The light went dead as it struck the ground, letting the darkness collapse around me.

The light was dead and I was stuck between these rocks in total darkness. I was scared. Fear gripped me as I clawed at the rock, hoping to escape from this hell-hole that I had unwittingly climbed in to. And suddenly, there it was: the faint light that signaled escape. The key was lost for another day. But at least I would soon be out of this hell.

Story by: Joshua - Share your story or tip about being scared here

Tip from the Navy Seals to help scared people overcome their fear

Fear and anxiety about what may happen in the future are common feelings experienced by almost every person. To some extent, they help to become mobilized and to become aware of what needs to be done. However, frequently fear is so intense that it paralyses the person and makes him or her unable to make important decisions about his or her life due to being afraid of failure.

Fear may cause lost opportunities and a lower quality of life because, although the person may have the ability to do something, fear eliminates the motivation and inspiration to proceed. The most valuable piece of advice that could be given to overcome fear in your life is applied every day by men who perform one of the toughest jobs in the military - the Navy SEALs - elite Special Forces operators who are exposed to harsh conditions and hostile environments that may cause paralyzing fear on a regular basis.

When dealing with fear, anxiety, doubt and low self-esteem, especially in the initial stages of training, Navy SEAL instructors teach students not to fight fear, but rather transform it into aggression and determination to push through difficult times and pain.

Harness your doubts, fears and anxiety, collect them and feel them. It may be painful and hard to endure, but fighting fear is completely useless because it is one of the most basic human emotions.

Instead of fighting fear, try to channel it into a direction that you feel that is useful to you. Turn your fear into a positive aggression that will help you move forward when others become paralyzed by fear and quit.

Take the time to be aware of your fear and don’t run away from it, instead, turn it into enthusiasm and use its energy for your purposes. Although fear is one of the most intense feelings a human being can experience, it will go away or you will eventually learn to control it effectively.

You can become more effective, productive and happy if you overcome the fears in your life and start enjoying your work and relationships every day instead of complaining and feeling scared or useless.

people getting scared

Fears and worries are a large problem to overcome if you don't know how to solve them. These two things in life cause anxiety from excess worrying and over analyzing the past and future with no solution.

For example, some people might make a mistake at their workplace and are scared and afraid of the repercussion from their actions. Instead of trying to find a solution, they worry and over think their problems. I found out that this does not work and only causes a continual cycle of fear. Rather than getting scared and run away from life's problems, one should stop thinking about the past or future, but instead only live today.

  • Some people are scared of pregnancy, scared of dentist or doctors...

  • While other people are scared of dogs, scared of needles, scared of driving and so on

Whenever I am scared, one of the solutions that I found out that works on any fear or problem is to write it down on a piece of paper. This act alone will help clarify the problem and help find a solution without over thinking. Using this technique is very beneficial in overcoming fear.

For example, a person can be consumed with so much fear that they get scared and hesitate in asking someone on a date. In their mind they will think of past failures and over analyze the situation. They instead regret not having enough courage to asking that person out. If only they wrote down the problem and try to find a solution to it.

For instance, when in such a solution, one can start by making a list of the worst thing that could happen. By knowing the consequences ahead, one could then be less anxious and more confidence in oneself. If it goes well, you will realize that it wasn't as big as you made it out to be. Even if you fail, you will learn that it wasn't the end of the world.

Living a life out of fear and inaction is the worst thing that you can put yourself into. Learn to write down your problems. This will eliminate a large portion of your anxiety from your life and excess worrying.

By: Rhoda

4 controversial subjects that always leave people scared

1.) Politics
It has always been and will always be that politicians will keep doing what they are good at – politics! And playing games and fighting each other ideologies for decades to come, it’s always been that way or maybe getting more gruesome with the passage of time.

2.) Religion

The mosque at Ground Zero is a touchy subject, but you need to learn more about the Muslim religion to calm your fears. Knowledge is power remember. Yes, you might still not like the mosque idea, however, with some more knowledge you might not fear it.

3.) World Natural Resources

Global warming is still such a controversial idea. Some experts believe it is a problem and others think that it is only the natural cycle of the earth and nothing to be alarmed about. Research more into the facts to alleviate your fears. You will at least learn what you can do to benefit the environment if not the full truth about global warming.

4.) Food and Health

Another thing that the fear mongers like to do is tell you which foods to eat and what not to eat. Do not just take their word for it. Look into the foods on your own to lessen you fear. You will probably find out that they are not telling you the whole truth and trying to sell you something at the same time.

Living scared is no way to live. But with a bit of research you can conquer your fear and stop being scared.

Stop Being Scared like that!

Stop Being Scared

Are you Scared? - Start Confronting your fears:

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