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Respect for Others

Respect for Others
(Reason Number 5.)

You are not going to have many friends if you do not respect the rights of others. Respect means different things to each person, but here are some examples of having respect in a friendship. One of the examples of respect in a relationship is abiding by your friend's boundaries. Not going over to their home when they are gone and only their partner, spouse of kids are there is a way to show you respect others and yourself, even if you are just hanging out.

Respect is when your friend says they can't do something with you because they have prior commitments, and you respecting their decision by not bugging them about it. Respect is not bringing up certain topics of conversation, especially when you may have totally different views on politics, religion, or whatever. Respect is about staying out of the way they discipline their children, raise them, etc. It is all right to disagree on this, but it isn't all right to question them about it, especially around their kids.

Respect is being able to understand someone’s limitations, and not exploiting them for your own needs. Respect for others is about caring for someone else's opinions and feelings as much if not more than your own. Respect is also about boundaries, knowing what they are in a relationship and staying within them. The example earlier is a perfect example of boundaries.

Maybe your friend would rather you not just show up at your house whenever you feel like it. Showing respect for them would be calling earlier, making sure they are okay with you coming over or have some kind of previous engagement, or even if they just don't feel like having company, and not pestering them about it. Of course, this also works the other way around as well.

Ways to Show Respect for Others

Respect for Others

What makes a good friend?

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