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Reduce Stress and Anxiety

7.) To reduce stress and anxiety

“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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Reduce Stress and AnxietyI’m sure you may agree with me when I say that, in today's busy world, because of the complexities in life, most of us tend to have way too many responsibilities on our shoulders than we can handle. And that makes life less enjoyable.

It's for that reason that it is absolutely important for all of us to be able to master the much needed tips and techniques of "how to reduce stress and anxiety" in todays complex world before we get overwhelmed with normal day to day activities.

Sometimes I wonder how simply amazing it is for some people to be able to even manage to stay insane while juggling a full time career, house, a significant other and perhaps children too, pets, school, household chores.

It's because of all that responsibility that we carry day in day out that often cause one to feel quite stressed and wonder where they are coming or going to. With a crazy hectic schedule such as that, it is no wonder it's impossible to create time for friends let alone some much needed to spend alone.

I often wonder how most people with a lot more hectic schedule than normal guys can possibly get by day by day at such an insane pace. But for some people such as single parents, this way of living has become a necessity and I applaud them greatly yet am very glad I am not in their shoes!

How to reduce stress and anxiety

Speaking of how to reduce stress and anxiety, one sure proof method that can help reduce anxiety and stress is the mere fact of developing and cultivating meaningful friendships. Friendships do provide a kind of relief from our hectic life.

With people running around like robots with their heads cut off, perhaps the only way they can stay connected with their close friends is by telephone. I would hope that they can actually talk to their friends and not resort to simply texting each other. A mixture of the two would be fine, but texting alone leaves out so much that can only happen when two people can hear each other's voices, inflections, tones, reactions etc.

For those that do not have absolutely crazy schedules there is more time that can be set aside for friends to get together and talk, laugh, catch a movie, have a nice dinner out and so on, which all can help reduce the stresses of our lives.

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