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Reality Television Birthday Party Theme

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Reality television is everywhere and it seems people cannot get enough of it. It began with just one or two shows that followed the real life events has now become so popular that television studios are continually coming up with hot new reality shows.

People continue to watch television and tune in every week to watch drama and dreams realized, which makes sense that adults and teens alike might find that having a birthday themed reality television party a great idea.

You can take the "reality television birthday party theme" in many different directions, but the planning of the party is normally time consuming because you have to come up with something that is fun for everyone. Perhaps these suggestions might help get you started.

1.) American Idol

American Idol is one of the most popular of reality television shows and seems to get the biggest audience response and has even won the top billing when it came to ratings during the first season.

You can bring the search for the next Idol to your own living room, by setting up a stage and inviting numerous friends and guests to have their shot at stardom. Moreover, you will need a panel of judges that need to comment after someone sings. This is fun, but make sure the judges know they need to be kind and not hurt people's feelings.

2.) Race Car

The Amazing Race of course, would make a grand birthday party idea because the many things determines the winner. This too will require a lot of advanced preparations to make it fun and entertaining, but if done right, everyone will have a blast.

You will definitely need to get the help of others for driving that needs to be done and of course, get ideas from others as well. Work together to make the best fun the birthday girl or boy has ever known. Moreover, you want it to be challenging but also fun at the same time do get a lots of people involved to pull this one off.

3.) Survivor

Survivor is more than just a television show, it is show that has really taken hold on the world watching how people week after week survive with literally nothing. You will need to divide everyone into teams by using toothpicks or some other ways of drawing fairly for the teams.

The challenges you set up will need to be fun but physically difficult as well, make sure you have survival gear that you can give out as prizes. Have foods such as a barbecue or hot dogs to help make it easy to clean afterward.

Reality is so widely popular that is makes good sense to throw a reality television birthday party. There are many shows that you could base the party around, some require more planning than other, but hopefully, your imagination is now running wild with great ideas for a party theme.

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