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Real Men are Trustworthy

by jhon mark



Whether you are together or apart there will always be temptations and opportunities to cheat but you both need to look at the bigger picture and decide is an affair that may seem to mean something at the time actually worth losing each other over. If your love and commitment is strong then no matter the temptations that will learn to control and eventually ignore them because you know that what you have with this man is much more than temporary.

My husband and I have been married almost 25 yrs but neither of us have ever cheated even in our hearts that’s not to say tempting thoughts don't sometimes come to mind, we are human of course but there is a difference in them popping into your head and actually entertaining them and enjoying or holding on to them.

If you both feel that you are destined to be together but it has to be you both feel that commitment and not just one person. there are much more important things in life than the temporal things and trust, commitment and living up to your vow of faithfulness will not only make your relationship, marriage better it will make you a better person and one that can be proud.

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