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Putting My Life Back On Track

by Zico

During my third year of college, I became extremely sick with sinusitis and had several bouts of vomiting and high fever, due to which I was forced to miss crucial exams. I was in bed most of the time and my confidence was shot.

Being known as an eccentric, not many thought my problem was serious enough to miss crucial exams and thought I was doing it for fun. It was only my best friend at class who sensed something amiss.

While I was suffering badly, I had a month to set my academic stuff sorted out, prepare hard and write my final exams extremely well because they determined my grades. Without my asking for it, my friend offered me his help as he sat down with me every evening a month before the final exams helping me learn the subjects well.

Since there was little time left and it was getting kind of late, there was a lot of stuff to study which I couldn’t have managed on my own and there were times when I even feared that I would fail. But my friend stuck with me when everyone around me thought I had no chance of recovering my grades. By doing this, he spent precious time of his which he could have spent on doing something for himself as he was already involved in several projects and journal publications.

It is said that time is the most invaluable asset in the world and by spending his time and energy on helping me get my academic grades back on track, he became an indispensable treasure to me. Thanks to him, I scored very highly in all subjects in the final exams and ended up getting good grades.

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