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Pro and Cons for Using Social Networking Sites to Find a Date

Maybe you are tired of the same old tired singles scenes when it comes to looking for a date, or looking for “the one” Because of the complexities involved to the same old dating world, many people are taking matters into their own hands, and they are going online to find their true loves, or at least a truly nice date.

But there are some advantages and disadvantages in doing this.

When you are checking out social networking sites, keep in mind that there are two kinds of sites.

  • Some are open social networking sites

Anyone can join them, and they are just for socializing.

  • There are specialty networking sites

Specialty networking sites that are based upon specialized interest and such. These might have a particular focus, such as online dating.

Did you realize that online dating sites are actually by in themselves social networking sites?

The difference is that with an online dating site, the members are interested in romance of some sort. Of course, those who are interested in romance and dating would want to hang out on these websites.

When you join a traditional social networking site, you might not know why the other people are there. While some could be looking for love, many just want to be friends. When you pursue online dating, this takes away those awkward moments and questions because you already know why everyone is there.

Another benefit of using an online social networking site to get a date is because you'll have so many choices available to you. These networking sites have millions of members for you to reach out to. That means that the odds are very good that you can find your brand new love online at one of these social networking sites. You might just luck out, and find more than one for yourself.

But then again, there are the disadvantages of using social networking ssites to find a date

There is the cost factor involved for some online dating sites, or for using some networking sites. These will require that you pay for a membership. Some people think that the price is worth it, but there are no guarantees that you are going to meet the right person for you.

You also need to be mindful of safety concerns

There are many crazy and dangerous people out there who pretend to be someone that they aren't. You could be starting a relationship with a person who is dishonest. This can hurt your feelings or worse, it can put your being into danger. Some of these meetings have led to tragedies, such as murders and assault.

Always meet your online interest in a public place, and be very careful about lies that they might have told you. Once you sit down, and think about the pros and cons to getting in on online dating, you can decide if the pros outweigh the cons, and if it all is the right thing for you.

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