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Please Give Something That Your Friend Loves

by Lata Vijaya Raghavan

There are so many things one could think while buying gifts for a close friend. After all, money is no criterion here and one can set any price to buy a gift that will bring sheer joy on a friend’s face.

A true friend will not look at the value of your gift but the thought behind it and how much you value the friendship. The gift could be as simple as a friendship thread or something as funky and costly as a bike or a car!

When you buy a gift for your friend, do not treat it as an excuse to flaunt your money or berate his financial status, if you happen to be financially well off. Your friendship must transcend every kind of difference and rise above petty issues.

You know what I gifted my friend recently on her birthday? I bought a beautiful leather-bound scribble pad and wrote down all the beautiful memories that I had shared with her right from our teen years until now. Believe me; it made a beautiful reading and a fantastic trip down the memory lane! My friend was so touched that she said it was one of the best gifts she had ever received.

Of course, there are many other things that one could think of giving a friend, such as, leather pouch (name inscribed), hand bag, silk scarves, stoles, photo frames, lovely trinkets, perfumes, and what not. But try to get something that is unique and would be used by your friend quite often. Take care to give what your friend loves and not what you love!

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