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Personalized Throw Blankets

Personalized throw blankets can be handmade and customized with images, designs or colors that suit the recipient’s tastes thus making it one of the few unique birthday gift ideas that not so many people think about.

Anniversary Personalized Throw Blankets

The best blanket throw that I received for a gift was for my 20th wedding anniversary on November 24th, 2011. I had been hinting to my husband that it would be great if he would get me a new throw to go on the ladder blanket holder that I had recently purchased for my living room.

The main reason I bought the ladder was to display some of the Afghans that I had made. While shopping at the mall I saw one of those throws that has a couple’s name and wedding date on it. I have wanted one of those for several years, but didn’t want it to just sit in the closet or in a drawer.

So when it came time to give him hints on what I wanted for an anniversary present, I pointed him to, because they had a fairly good selection at very reasonable prices. That is kind of how we do things, I don’t leave gifts up to him without giving him some very strong hints, or I would continually be disappointed on special occasions.

On the day of my anniversary, he gave me the box and I unwrapped it. It was the one that I wanted the most. I had previewed them and chose the one I liked best, but I left it up to him to choose the one that he wanted to get for me. It is sort of cream color with a large heart made of flowers. It goes really well with the décor in our living room, which is probably why he chose that specific one.

Our personalized throw blankets has our first names’ embroidered in cursive writing, under that is our wedding date. I hang it over the top rung of the blanket ladder and you can see our names and the dates. I love it and I am so glad he bought it for me.

by: Gupta

Complete set of Personalized throw blankets

Personalized throw blankets are becoming a very popular birthday gift idea for people of both sexes and all ages to give or receive as gifts. The good thing about such a gift is that, these throws can be personalized for the person you wish to gift it too. Custom throws can come in many different themes and are made from many different kinds of fabrics too. Some of the more popular personalized throw themes are sports; military, seasonal, babies, and weddings just to name a few of the popular themes.

Custom throws come in a wide variety of materials from which to choose from. You can find throws made from chenille, fleece, cable knit and even bamboo. Share your thoughts about gifting a personalized photo album here

You can also choose a custom throw pillow to complement your custom made throw. Custom throw pillows come in a variety of colors, for instance you have the option to choose a pink throw pillows, green throw pillows, purple throw pillows and any other color you so wish to choose that matches your custom throw.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know first is if your friend is allergic to any particular materials so that you can avoid them when making your choice of fabric. The next thing you need to decide on is the theme of which there are several of as well. Is your friend a sports or racing buff? Was your friend ever in the military?

By asking yourself such basic questions, you will be able to determine the theme or lack thereof for your throw choice.

Once you have finally decided on the fabric and the theme that will be one for your throw, you will need to decide how you will personalize the throw.

Considering the fact that the throw is made of a fabric whatever you decide to personalize your gift throw with the personalization will have to be stitched or embroidered onto the throw. The easiest personalization will of course be a monogram of your friend's initials.

If your friend is a retired military person, you can have the throw personalized with their name, rank, and dates of service and even have their ribbons embroidered on as well.

Personalized Throw Blankets with Picture

My mother-in-law gave me a cashmere throw blanket as a birthday gift years ago. It matches the decor in our living room and is always comfortably draped over the back of the couch, within easy reach. At night, when we’re watching TV, I always seem to get cold and the throw is right there.

It’s snugly and warm and convenient. It’s not as bulky as a full-size blanket, so it doesn’t get in the way on the couch or if I do decide to store it in the linen closet. My husband likes to see me use it because it makes him think fondly of his mother as well. I’m sure we will have this blanket for many years, so that is another reason it makes a good birthday gift—it lasts a long time.

Many birthday gifts are forgotten about or the recipient outgrows them or they go out of style.

This throw is timeless and will be a part of our family for many years to come. Throw blankets are also easy travel companions. It can roll up into a small shape and fit nicely in a carry-on bag for a flight, allowing you to fore-go that scratchy blue airplane blanket. It is also easy to store in the car for a road trip—perfect for snuggling up for a nap in the backseat of the car.

A throw blanket is one-size-fits-all; although, sometimes we might wish it were a little longer to fully snuggle under, but for the most part, it is the perfect size for cozy nights on the couch or for traveling. If I was looking for a unique, special gift for a good friend or family member, I would definitely consider giving them a throw blanket as a practical, yet different kind of birthday gift.

by: Mary Okune

Gifting Personalized throw blankets and custom throw pillows

The great thing about personalized throw blankets is that they are normally always left out on couches or beds so the gift would always be visible and remind the person of you. These blankets are also very useful and since they are always out the person you gift it to would use it quite frequently, especially in the fall or winter when the weather outside gets cold.

Additionally, since throw blankets are usually left out in the open when guests come over to the recipient's house they will see the blanket and if it looks very interesting and unique they will inquire to where the blanket came from. They would then mention your name and the people may know you and would make you seem like an awesome person. If you made these blanket yourself this would also be an effective way to market you products and increase your business.

Personalized throw blankets can also come in many materials from cheap to expensive. So these kinds of gifts would be great birthday presents for anyone and people of all financial classes. They are also easy to clean on average and if one gets damage or is lost another they can be replaced and it is not a huge loss.

Personalized throw blankets also keep furniture clean and can make furniture look more sophisticated when they are placed neatly on them. Pets also enjoy throw blankets and they can be used for a bed or blanket for most household pets, such as cats or dogs even through this may cause a lot of pet hair to be caught in the blankets they can easily be washed and cleaned.

Why not consider to gift a set of personalized throw blankets?

Personalized Throw Blankets

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