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A photo album is a unique, thoughtful gift that anyone would like to receive for their birthday. One of the best ways to show someone you care is to provide them with a memento of your memories together instead of a gift card, or an impersonal item, you can be sure that your photo album will be the only present of its kind.

Why a Personalized Photo Album Rocks!

About 10 years ago, I had a small get together for my birthday. I did not expect any birthday gifts because I told everyone that it would not be necessary. My best friend however surprised me with this present. I removed the gift wrap and to my surprise it was a photo album!

My best friend developed a lot of the pictures we took throughout our high school career and put it in one nice photo album. I was really surprised about the gift because I did not expect something so personal and meaningful. I loved it! It had photographs of all of our mutual friends at different events that I can always remember now.

The photo album had a black vinyl cover and a group photograph on the front. There was space between each photograph where she wrote comments and notes about each and every single moment. She also dated the photographs.

We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing about those moments. There must have been about a hundred pictures in that photo album. I reminisce every few months and look at the pictures. It’s a fun thing to look at when you have your old friends over.

I loved the fact that, she took so much of her time to create this wonderful gift. It is definitely personalized just for me. I think if you wanted to give a great gift that shows you really care about a person, a personalized photo album would be the perfect choice. You can choose each photograph and write personalized notes about each moment.

Photo album are so rare nowadays since more people use social mediums like Facebook to store and share their digital pictures. It’s rare to see photo albums now. I think this would be a great gift to give to someone you care about because it really shows the effort you put into it. My best friend definitely showed how much she cared for me by giving me the best photo album gift ever.

by: Cindy White

"A Personalized Photo Album" that is memorable

A really good idea for a birthday gift for a friend is a photo album, as a matter of fact “personalized photo album” is an even better gift. If your friend likes to take pictures then the chances are they have many pictures that are special to them. Share your thoughts about gifting a personalized photo album here

It would also be likely that they would like something to keep them in and keep them safe, that is why a custom photo album is perfect. A photo album book would be the perfect solution you can use to organize those photos that you can keep or give it to your friend as a perfect gift.

Now for instance, perhaps your friend or maybe yourself happens to have many photos of you and your friend that were taken during some of those precious and special moments or at events and you would like to organize them for your own sake or give them to your friend.

The first thing that you will have to is determine what kind of photo album book that you want to give to your friend as a gift. There are a couple of different types or styles of photo albums but the choice will not really be all that complicated for you. The materials they are made of and the pages within determine photo albums styles. Photo albums are usually covered with a fabric, leather, vinyl, or plastic, which will also determine the cost of the photo album. There are two kinds of photo album pages. One kind requires you to cover the photo with a film, while the other requires just the photo corners to hold.

Once you have decided upon the photo album style you wish to give your friend for a gift you will need to decide on how you wish to personalize this gift for your friend.

If you are simply giving the custom photo album as a gift without any photos in it, then maybe a monogram of their initials will be good enough.

However, if you are gifting your friend a personalize photo album book complete with photos then you may also want to think more about how you are going to make a photo album that is more appealing for instance you will want to consider how you will label the inside of the photo album with the dates and places of the photos in addition to some sort of personalization on the outer cover of the photo album, it’s color and much more.

Custom Photo Album for your Best Friend

The best photo album gift I received was from a friend I had met online. We knew each other for many years and had met in person too. We grew so close that we would mail each other birthday and Christmas presents. That was when I received the photo album gift.

My friend had made an entire scrapbook of pictures for me. On the first page was a note for me wishing me a happy birthday! The rest of the pages consisted of different pictures of me or things I liked. One page was dedicated to me and my sisters, while another was just me and my mom. Some pages didn’t have pictures of me at all but instead movies or shows or celebrities that I like.

It was basically a scrapbook of pictures of all the things that were meaningful and special to me. It was a great photo album gift because of how personalized it was to me. It was obviously made by someone who knows me well as opposed to just getting a photo album filled with random pictures of me and other people.

She knew who was important to me and what was important to my life and made sure to include it all in the photo album. That’s what made it so special to me and not only one of the best photo album gifts I’ve ever received but just one of the best gifts I’ve ever received in general.

It was special and personalized and filled with so many things I loved that it made me love the gift even more. I can look at it when I’m feeling down and instantly feel better by looking at things that are special to me and knowing that someone cared about me enough to put this whole album together.

by: Lorna

Gifting a personalized photo album is cool birthday Gift Idea

Making a photo album does take some time and effort, but it’s the personal touch that makes it such a thoughtful gift. Here are some tips to guarantee you give the best photo album you can. First, take time to select the most meaningful photographs of the times you shared. Make sure you include photographs of significant events, close friends, and important family members. Have them printed on high quality paper.

Next, pick out a tasteful album. Your album should have room for the amount of pictures selected as well as plenty of space for any captions you want to include. Place all the pictures in the album in chronological order. Add notes, so anyone looking can understand where and when the pictures are from.

Finally, wrap the album up with a big bow. It’s sure to make a hit at the birthday party. To make this process easier, some photo sites give you the option to make an online photo book and have it printed. These photo books are similar to scrapbooks, but simply require you to upload the pictures, add captions, and design as you see fit. The results are then printed in a bound book and shipped to you. These photo books are a little less effort, but cost more than making your own photo album. Whatever you decide, a photo album is a unique, one of a kind birthday gift that will be cherished for years to come

How about gifting a personalized photo album?

Personalized Photo Album

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