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People of Similar Social Status and Interests

by Jennifer
(San Diego, CA)

I have always been drawn to people of similar social status and interests. It is much easier and more comfortable to relate to those who, well you relate to!

I would not be able to socialize easily with a multi-millionaire, as we have a totally different world we come from. I am on the lower scale of income, and thus find the company of others who understand my trials and successes, much better than those who are above me. And when dealing with those who are less fortunate, I consider it a blessing to reach out to them, but have found that being good friends is an emotional drain.

I also find there is a difference between being a friend and being an acquaintance. I have acquaintances on all rungs of the social status ladder, but that doesn't mean I want to be close friends with them. When dealing with others who have children, I find it is easier to be friends with like-minded, socially and morally. I find that as you travel up and down the social ladder, you find many differences morally as well as politically.

It is a challenge to be friends with those who totally disagree with everything you believe in.

As for family, I have relatives who are very wealthy, and I have relatives who are homeless. In all honesty, I am closest to those I am more like-minded and in status and beliefs. It is very altruistic to think that it just doesn’t matter, but who are we kidding.

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