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Pencil Portraits, a Great Gift Idea.

by Esteban C
(Costa Rica)

Which are the best gift ideas? Sometimes a great gift doesn’t have to be expensive at all; it just takes a little creativity to come up with something memorable and long lasting. Some of the most common gifts would include, a CD, a book or clothing, but are these really gifts that represent a true feeling of appreciation?

Consider creating a gift with your own hands. It will be time consuming but a lot more significant. A creative gift could be a pencil portrait of your friend or of the two of you together. You can be sure that this will surpass in many aspects any other gift you could possible buy.

Some people might think that this gift idea lacks of the magic that resides within the surprise factor. This is because they forget about the fact that all they need is a photograph instead of having their friend posing long hours in front of you as it is done professionally. Always try to look for a photograph that hopefully you can make sure he or she really likes, so this way you can’t go wrong on the proper pose.

If the drawing of the portrait becomes a difficult task for you, then there is a very easy way to do this and it will look almost perfect! All you have to do is edit the image in Photoshop to make it look black and white with a very low opacity level. When you print the image out, it should be visible enough for you to trace the image. Make sure you use heavy gauge pencils so it will darken enough for the original image to not be seen at all.

Not everyone has the skills to create a true portrait from scratch, which is why I consider this to be a very good way to show your creativity and heartfelt desire to give your friend something unique that he or she will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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