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Party Ideas for a Camping Birthday Party

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Many girls daydream of birthday pajama parties and some pillow-fighting, most boys prefer to have a sleepover that can be held outdoors under the stars.

If you have a son and its his birthday, you can add the outdoor theme to his birthday party. No matter the boy's age, most find it thrilling to sleep outside, therefore, a camping birthday theme is an awesome way to surprise your little guy, even if the part is in your own backyard.

Trail ride camping birthday party

One of the themes that is always a favorite is holding the birthday camping party in the form of a trail ride. This way everyone can bring their gear along, sleep under stars, cookout, ride some horses, and have a splendid time. In the event you do not have access to a trail ride, trails, horses, or the great outdoors near you, don't panic. With a cast iron cooking pop, some sticks, an open fire, and some imagination you can create your own western camp-out birthday party. Of course, make sure you make the plans and have your digital camera ready to take some fun photographs during your birthday bash.

Remember yo bring your story-telling skills around the campfire, if you don't know any, look at some Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan stories for ideas.

Military birthday camping party

Another idea is a military birthday camping party. Let's face it, young boys need good heroes and nothing is better than the military to find them. Perhaps you have some family members or friends in the military that are overseas, by having this party theme it helps to bring your family a bit closer home, it even for one evening.

This can also give your little man a birthday memory they will never forget. Set up some small tents, and then make a trip to a military supply or surplus store to buy some of the Meals Ready to Eat, and everyone should be in camouflage. Lastly, you can have face painting contest that consists of army green as the final activity before bed.

Safari camping birthday bash

Another theme that works well is a safari camping birthday bash. Start with everyone dressing appropriately to spend a day in the hot African sun. Khakis shorts along with a hat work best. Everyone needs to have a safari bag that includes some small binoculars, themed stickers, bug net to use at night to protect you from bug bites, and of course, a picture frame that has their photos in it as a keepsake. You will want to set up your camping for the night and for desert serve some animal crackers. You can add several items in the tents such as stuffed safari animals, and taking a trip to the zoo adds to the fun and excitement.

If you are not liking any of these suggestions, you could choose a Rocky Mountain theme for the birthday boy's party. You will need to have some stuffed black bear animals to set the stage, and everyone should wear jeans and red flannel shirts. This is a great way to treat your birthday boy and is fun party idea for the entire group. Moreover, you will have a chance for the photograph opportunities for your child's memory book. Get your tents up in your backyard and of course, you need a grill to feed the hungry mountain boys. If you have a nearby creek, you can also take the party group to the creek to pan for gold.

One of the nice aspects to planning a birthday party is it gives you a chance to really let your imagination and creativity stand out by creating fun and fantastic themes. If the weather decides to not play nice on the day of your party, you can bring the great outdoors right inside your living room and have a splendid time. Lastly, if you do not have a backyard because you live in an apartment, there is not law that says your cannot camp-in for the night!

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