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Pajama Birthday Party

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There are a lot of different themes for children's birthday parties, but one that really excites kids is a pajama Birthday party.

Little girls really like this theme since they enjoy slumber parties and sleepovers. Kids really just love being able to have their friends come over and stay the night.

That is huge for a kid.

They enjoy playing games and having fun without parents hovering about and that is what a pajama party is all about.

A pajama Birthday party can be done in many ways, but just keep in mind that little girls get a little wild when they are together in a group. You will hear plenty of giggles and the fun probably won't stop until the wee hours, so be prepared with a full bottle of aspirin on hand for headaches.

You need to plan out the evening carefully so that you can be sure the party runs smoothly. You will be entertaining kids for a much longer time period than you would for a normal party. Be sure to carefully plan when you will serve the cake and when presents will be open. Most kids will want gifts to be opened early and you probably will prefer to serve cake early so they can burn that sugar buzz off before it gets too late.

Have the decorations ready before the party and follow a theme if you can. You can just use the pajama party idea as the theme. Think fuzzy bunny slippers, sleeping bags, pillows and all that normal night time stuff when creating decorations.

Make sure everyone knows that this is a pajama party

They should wear their pajamas and bring their slippers. The idea is casual. Also encourage girls to bring their favorite beauty supplies so you can paint fingernails and do makeovers. Always be thinking about what the girls will do and what will keep them busy all night. Movies are a great way to fill some time. Don't forget some games, too. The last thing you want is a bunch of bored girls who are complaining.

One huge mistake to avoid is to underestimate how much little girls can eat. At home they may eat like a bird picking at their plate and almost never completely finishing a meal, but get them in a group and they devour food like there's no tomorrow. You have to have plenty of food on hand. Don't forget snacks that they can munch all night long, like pizza rolls, chips, veggies and popcorn.

Don't forget about the morning. You need some breakfast foods, too. You want to feed the girls before they go home. Kids love your typical breakfast items like cereal, pancakes and toaster pastries. You might want to make it simple because chances are you will not have had a lot of sleep. Try something like a cereal buffet with a range of different cereal choices. Don't forget to get enough milk.

Little girls dream of their first sleepover

It's always good to make sure that the "Pajama Birthday Party" you organize is something your little girl will never forget. Plan out activities to keep them busy. Make sure they have a comfortable area in which to sleep and hang out. Talk to parents and make sure kids bring their favorite nighttime teddy bears, blankets and pillows.

A first time sleepover should be as comfortable as possible so girls don't get homesick or upset because they are away from home. Make it memorable and fun for your daughter. Keep them busy with fun crafts and yummy food. If you plan right then this sleepover should be the party of your little girl's dreams.

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