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A Birthday Party for Someone Who is Over the Hill

The over the hill birthday party theme is nothing new. People love to poke fun at someone who is getting older. This theme is the ultimate is poking fun. The "over the hill birthday party theme" works for someone on their 40th or 50th birthday.

Over the hill birthday party idea is ideal for someone who wants to celebrate getting older with a little humor.

The over-the-hill theme will help to create a birthday party that is full of laughs and fun all at the expense of the birthday gal or guy, but they will love it because getting over-the-hill is an accomplishment to celebrate.


One of the funniest and most entertaining ideas for an over-the-hill theme is a roast. A roast is hilarious and perfect if the birthday gal or guy can take a little ribbing. People say some horrible things at a roast but it is all in fun and nobody is saying anything to be mean.

It is important that everyone has a sense of humor because nobody is safe during a roast. It will only work if people are not too sensitive and not easily offended. If you can pull a roast off then it will be one party that nobody will ever forget. Even though it is all about fun, you still want to dress things up and make it an elegant event with decorations and fancy dress.

You can also do a "This is Your Life" theme where you present a slide show or bring in people from the birthday gal or guy's past. It is a nice tribute that also brings together important people and important events in the person's life. It can be quite touching, especially when it comes to reminiscing about the past and about people who are no longer here. Make it a very classy event. Get out the red carpet and make it a huge celebration. Like with a roast the dress is fancy, so be sure to let guests know it is a black tie event.

Time from the past

If you really want to have fun then have a party in the theme of a time period from the past. Think old west or even make the theme related to the decade in which the birthday gal or guy was born. It can be a lot of fun to put together an era themed party. You can have everyone dress in clothing specific to the era.

Play music from the era and decorate like the old era style. Take plenty of photos because this will be something that you won't want to forget. Serve finger foods so everyone can easily mingle. Also make sure you serve drinks to keep everyone talking and lively.

You can always do the classic over-the-hill idea of the grim reaper

Black is the main theme here along with death. Be creative so it doesn't look like every other over-the-hill party. Make it a celebration of life with a dark side to it. You can go supernatural and use ghosts and death as a main theme for your decoration style and the music played. Encourage guests to dress to compliment the theme. You really are not held back by anything. The sky is the limit. You can be outrageous and crazy when you put this party together. Avoid going too dark with this theme, though. Birthdays should be a celebration so don't lose that when you use death as your theme.

An over the hill birthday party theme works great if you have the right friends and everyone has sense of humor. For some people it is too morbid and won't work, but many people love this theme idea. You need the help of everyone at the party to pull this off, so be sure you keep your guests in the loop about the theme. The ideas above should help jump start your creativity and help you to create an amazing party.

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