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Online Profiles: Truth or Fiction?

by Joan
(Covington, TN USA)

Women just like men are capable of "fiction" They are all human beings and having been brought up in a society where perfection is required, the impulse to conceal the truth in their online profiles may be too great.

Some may be honest and want nothing to do with embellishing the truth. They know they need to be straight forward to land the guy and then afterward keep him.

What about women who only want to be with a guy "who is perfect" knowing she is not? She'll do anything to land "Mr. Perfect" and so she lies or stretches the truth until it is indeed fiction. She gets that first date in hopes that she can come off perfect enough to have him stick around.

Some women might be looking for Mr. Right, knowing they landed Mr. Wrong. They may lie about their marital status just to find someone to help them get out of their marriage. The proverbial jump from one bed to the other.

There are women who will lie in their online profiles and there is no way to tell, but to get to know them. That's the chance one takes to find someone through the internet. I know quite a few people who are a great match and met online. The women in these cases didn't lie.

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