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Ongoing Conflicts

Avoiding Ongoing Conflicts
(Reason Number 9.)

Part of keeping a long term friendship is dealing with conflicts. While you may feel that avoiding ongoing conflicts is the best course of action, in many cases it has the opposite effect, making things worse. Whether it is a conflict turning into a resentment or even hatred, you want to take care of things early, while they are small, rather than wait until later. It is also about resolving conflicts in a way that both parties can agree on, or at the very least live with.

There will always be something that is going to arise that you and your friend won’t agree on. It is part of having a good working friendship. Neither you nor they are perfect, and each has a right to his or her opinion. When such a conflict arises, something needs to be done or happen so that "that particular conflict" doesn't continue to be a problem. It is also important to talk with your friend about these things.

How on earth are your friends going to know something is bugging you if you don't say something about it? Relationship conflicts works in the same way as well, if your friends have a problem, how will you know if they don't say anything? If they are always saying that everything is fine when you know it isn't, what can you do to change things?

Sometimes, a little conflict is healthy in a friendship. It shows that you both have your own ideas and opinions about things. If you want to avoid relationship or workplace conflicts, then don't talk about potentially highly charged and controversial topic all the time. For an example if you hold a given political view dear to your heart as opposed to another that your friend beliefs in, it is better to avoid talking about that political issues.

How to avoid ongoing conflicts

Avoiding Ongoing Conflicts

What makes a good friend?

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