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One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind

by Walter

As Neil Armstrong walked out of the spacecraft he said, "One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."

rocket spacecraft satelliteA person that is old enough to remember that historical moment when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the surface of the moon can well understand the idea that taking small steps can help anyone attain his or her goals.

Armstrong did not decide to just "rocket" himself up in one day using "satellite" help, walk out of the "spacecraft" and take a leisure walk the very next day on the surface of the moon before the world even knew what was happening.

He had to have a certain education, knowledge, had to train, and be focused and committed to even get to go on the spacecraft aside from getting to walk on the surface of the moon. It took Neil Armstrong and his team months upon months of preparation to achieve such a task.

It true that sometimes anyone can have difficulty keeping focused on their goals. The world is full of stories, experiments and efforts where at times that self-motivation is used and lost. An example of this would be losing weight then gaining it back. Even the tiniest of goals can be a challenge at times.

A positive attitude and having realistic expectations together with small steps of action will help you attain your goals more easily.

So you want to know how?

1.) You first have to know your goal along with understanding it.

Write down your particular goal, this is where to start. This does not have to be a big goal; it can be just a small one. Use some sturdy paper so that it will hang on the wall good. This is step number one in getting you focused and committed. Now further make more steps you need to go through to reach your dream.

An example of this is you wanting to go on a diet and an exercise regimen. You want to lose a total of 50 pounds along with running the distance of 2 miles each day. It is the end of summer August to be exact, and your want to accomplish both of these things by February next year. Jot down the 50 pounds; the two miles daily; and by February. Have your focus on these daily. Now you can subdivide these into more small steps. Choose one particular diet to follow; start off running for 10 minutes per day. If during week number one you start seeing some success then you begin to have confidence and your motivation will increase to stay to your plan.

2.) Make a journal.

Have the first part of the journal about your weight loss progress; make the last part of the journal about how far you are running each day. It might be hard to believe this, but when one writes in a journal, they are more truthful about what has happened. Read the journal regularly. Mark your achievement with your diet and exercise with a red pencil or pen. If you eat a food you should not be eating do not fret over it. You do not need that type of pressure you are only human after all. Keep to the plan. You can make a goof now and then.

3.) Just remember not to give up.

Think how far you have already come, this will keep your confidence up, and your goal is getting closer so stay focused. Give yourself a reward every so often. You have earned one. Find joy in working towards your end result instead of just where you want to get. If a man like Neil Armstrong could take a stroll on that glorious moon; you certainly can attain any goal you want to.

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