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Nothing Matters in Friendship

by Jayendra Meena



Friendship is purest of all if its true.

At same time we cannot figure out whether its true or not, its all up to our heart which makes it pure and true. Today we can find people saying I am a great friend to somebody but next day you will find them cursing each other. Friendship is like love which has no boundaries and is not biased by anything. No true friends ever wants to justify there friendship because there is no need to prove it.

Wealth and family status doesn't matter to true friends.

These two things are never taken into consideration when real friendship rocks. Our heart never takes the direction towards wealth and family status. Its same as we fall in love at first, its same as we love our parents, brothers, sisters etc. I would call friendship is all above the world. Wealth and family status are very small things we are talking about I have seen people who prefer to live with friends instead of their beloved.

Friends care for their friends like a mother cares for her new born baby.

Even true lovers are good friends first then only they can love each other like heavenly lovers. Lovers who are happily married after a long relationship are happy because they understand each other like friends. Love between a boy and a girl starts with heartfelt understanding known as friendship but we name it as love. Friendship generates love. True friendship is unconditional and so is the love.

Today we can see big or small nations offer hand of friendship to each other.

Even though they friendship doesn't last long but they do something good for to this world for sometime in the name of friendship. This kind of friendship doesn't last long as it is purely conditional. If friends are not true and they call their relationship as friendship then also they are doing good for few moments. For this kind of time being friendship everything else matters other than friend. Nothing matters in true friendship.

"Lastly, Lovers and marriages are made in heaven but friendship is made in above that heaven."

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